Merrill Sunderland Gives Us Stroke

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Stroke by Merrill Sunderland.

Few people are ever willing to barter with the boy: to trade a back rub for a neck rub, for instance, or a foot massage for a scalp massage. And those who even occasionally entertain such requests, he abuses without a second’s though. He becomes animal. He nudges and whimpers and lies down for them, his belly flat on the carpet.

Junk is back with new work from Gina Warren

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Some Things Calculable by Gina Warren.

“I’m noticing some tension between us,” Mom tells me, leaning forward to look past Dad, cramped into the narrow airplane seat between us. “And I would like to clear the air before our trip.”

Ten minutes until take-off.

Eighteen hours since I found Mom’s stash of Vicodin in the top left bathroom drawer.


Final Notice by Fiona Helmsley

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New work up by the fabulous Fiona Helmsley.

She dropped off the check that afternoon. It was for $287. My son’s father had died a few months shy of his fifty-first birthday with less than $300 in tangible assets. It was just a number, a bunch of pennies, dimes and nickels, but it still made my heart hurt.

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The Miserable by Andrea Clark Mason

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As a young girl, Andrea dreams of revolution.

When Anne Hathaway walked onstage in a pink gown to receive an Oscar for her role in Les Miserables, I remembered the year I had seen the musical of the same name: 1988. I was in seventh grade. I had been happy and well-adjusted in elementary school, but in middle school, my female friends became intimidating, and an influx of hormones meant I suddenly didn’t know how to act around boys who used to be my friends. I turned silent, unsure of what to say to anyone except my best friend, who attended another school, and my family. I took refuge in the story about the French revolution.

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Reading While Driving by Michael Lacare

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Because memoir should never be exemplary.

Whenever I drive, I often find myself reading a book. Not an E-book, but an actual hardcover or paperback book. I don’t do this every time I’m driving, nor do I do it if there happens to be someone else with me in the car, but typically when I’m riding solo.

I pry open the book at a stoplight, prop it up against the steering wheel and gaze down at the words. Every sentence or two, I habitually glance up at the light. Once it turns green, I hold the book up with my right hand while I grip the top of the wheel with my left. I’ve become quite adept at the art of reading while operating heavy machinery, and I’m convinced that no one is more skillful at it than me.

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A gallery of junk

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This is just a little test.

Junk has been Freshly Pressed

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Junk has been freshly pressed by the editorial team at WordPress, which basically just means we’re getting a lot of traffic.


It’s all coming in for Cheryl Strayed’s Heroin/e, a fantastic essay. We’re so proud she let us post it. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I really don’t know Cheryl all that well. I am one of her Facebook friends because I am northwest writer and we have a lot of friends in common. I hadn’t even met her when I messaged her and asked if we could post her essay, because it fit so well with our journal’s theme. She wrote me back almost immediately. She made it seem as if I were doing her a favor by posting it. She is just that kind of person.

Now, because of her generosity, the WordPress editorial staff’s help,  a lot more people will get to read her essay. I’m so pleased to be a part of it. It’s a really good story.

Read it.

Read it again.

You won’t be disappointed.


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